At St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Concord, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Miss Anna Marsella
Miss Anna MarsellaPrincipal
The aesthetics of education and learning is an art form that shapes the head, heart, spirit and body of each student to make a difference in the world.
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Mr Ben Nolan
Mr Ben NolanAssistant Principal
The major passion for me as a person and as a leader is to ensure all people are treated with respect and dignity.
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Mrs Michelle Sraih
Mrs Michelle SraihReligious Education Coordinator | Year 4 Teacher
As an educator, I greatly value the partnership between families and school.
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Mrs Antonella Geary
Mrs Antonella GearyCoordinator | Year 2 Teacher
I enjoy a shared responsibility for leading the Student Diversity Team, including the facilitating of the Newman Selective Program at St Mary’s.
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Miss Debbie Belim
Miss Debbie BelimCoordinator | Year 6 Teacher
I have been part of the St Mary’s Community for the past four years in both as classroom teacher and coordinator.
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Mrs Maura Iacono
Mrs Maura IaconoFinance Secretary
Miss Samantha Giannetto
Miss Samantha GiannettoAdministration Secretary
Mrs Penelope Spyropoulos
Mrs Penelope SpyropoulosTeacher
Mrs Giselle Marchisone
Mrs Giselle MarchisoneTeacher
Miss Laura Del Vento
Miss Laura Del VentoTeacher
Mrs Samantha Brancatisano
Mrs Samantha BrancatisanoTeacher
Mrs Claudia Eid
Mrs Claudia EidTeacher
Miss Tania Fortunato
Miss Tania Fortunato Teacher
Mrs Laura Draybi
Mrs Laura DraybiTeacher
Miss Daniella Franze
Miss Daniella FranzeTeacher
Miss Adriana Hondros
Miss Adriana HondrosTeacher
Miss Amy Wright
Miss Amy WrightTeacher
Ms Daniela Parnell
Ms Daniela ParnellTeacher
Mr Adam Barbaro
Mr Adam BarbaroTeacher
Mrs Kirsten Gray
Mrs Kirsten GrayTeacher
Mrs Christine Gomez
Mrs Christine GomezTeacher
Mrs Vanessa Di Cecco
Mrs Vanessa Di CeccoSport Teacher
Mrs Simone Butler
Mrs Simone ButlerMusic Teacher
Mrs Vanessa Rendall
Mrs Vanessa RendallGifted Education Teacher
Miss Helena Rooney
Miss Helena RooneyEAL/D Teacher
Mrs Anna Vigliante
Mrs Anna ViglianteEAL/D Teacher
Ms Anne Ryan
Ms Anne RyanLearning Support Teacher
Mrs Carmen Danaskos
Mrs Carmen DanaskosReading Recovery Teacher
Mrs Leeanne Favotto
Mrs Leeanne FavottoFamily Faith Educator
Mrs Jannet Stavrou
Mrs Jannet StavrouLearning Support Officer
Mrs Dianne Caruso
Mrs Dianne CarusoLearning Support Officer
Mrs Adelina Calvisi
Mrs Adelina Calvisi Learning Support Officer
Mrs Josephine Colasuonno
Mrs Josephine ColasuonnoLearning Support Officer
Mrs Katie Moudwad
Mrs Katie MoudwadLearning Support Officer
Mrs Maria Ong
Mrs Maria OngLearning Support Officer